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Signs of a Digoxin Overdose

Many patients who are prescribed Digitek or another digoxin medication are hospitalized each year due to digitalis toxicity. In the most serious cases, patients who have experienced a digoxin overdose may suffer a heart attack, stroke, damage to the heart or death. Because of the serious signs of a digoxin overdose.

Some of the early warning signs of a Digitek overdose include weakness, nausea and vomiting. Patients may also experience other Digitek side effects, including mental confusion, dizziness, shortness of breath or visual changes—such as blind spots, color changes, or halos around objects.

In the most serious cases, patients with digoxin toxicity may experience an irregular heartbeat, heart palpitations, extremely low blood pressure or a loss of consciousness. Patients with a severe Digitek overdose may suffer a heart attack, stroke or damage to the heart, which can lead to death.

Digitek is removed from the body through the kidneys, meaning that patients with renal failure or poor kidney function may be at an increased risk of Digitek toxicity due to a digoxin overdose.

Because Digitek was improperly manufactured at twice the normal dose, patients without kidney problems or other chronic illnesses may also be at risk for a digoxin overdose. Although manufacturer Actavis Totowa issued a Digitek recall on April 25, 2008, many patients had already suffered serious and, in some cases, deadly Digitek side effects before the drug could be pulled from the market.

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