Information and help for victims of Digitek.
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Digoxin drug information: Information from the U.S. National Library of Medicine about digoxin and the side effects of an overdose caused by digoxin toxicity.

Digitek recall press release: Actavis Totowa issued a Digitek recall on April 25, 2008 after learning of several cases of serious injuries or illnesses that occurred among patients who were prescribed tablets that were manufactured at twice their normal strength.

2006 FDA Warning Letter to Actavis Totowa: On August 15, 2006, the Food and Drug Administration warned Actavis that the company was failing to properly monitor and report “serious and unexpected adverse drug events” for some drugs, including Digitek.

2007 FDA Warning Letter to Actavis Totowa: The Food and Drug Administration warned Actavis on February 1, 2007 that because of violations of “Good Manufacturing Practices” at the plant where Digitek was manufactured, there was no way of knowing whether drugs produced there had the correct “identity, strength, quality and purity that they purport to possess.”

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